Northland: Goodbye NZ!

Oh my! The past five weeks have flown by! On my way back to Auckland from Rotorua I took a pit stop in Hamilton to check out their famed gardens and treat myself to the most delicious date & orange scone in the cafe there. I’m hooked on these scones! The gardens are simply fab and well worth the detour. It’s hard to believe that only 40 years ago they were a rubbish dump.

I made it back to Auckland to wave goodbye to Bardy and Ruth and decided to make the most of my last few days by heading up to Northland. Barry’s Kiwi housemate Tom gave me a few places to visit along the way and the suggestions were class. Beautiful stretches of beaches and lush nature reserves were all on the agenda.

I stayed the night in a converted gaol cell in a Whangarei (cutting my 2 night trip short when I realised I had a 7am flight not a 4pm flight like I had thought… eek! That was a close one!). In Whangarei I did my last bit of present shopping and had the most delicious fresh baked bagel before hitting the road to chill on Lang’s beach on the way back to my final destination: Auckland. 

NZ, it’s been sweet as! An incredible country that I hope to visit again someday… there’s so much more for me to discover! Here’s a few snaps of what I saw during my last few days in the land of the long white cloud…


A beach at Tawharanui Reserve
Lush forest in the Nature Reserve
Bridge through the forest
Strolling through the Reserve
Rolling hills in Tawharanui
My prison cell for the night
Beach views
Cool water feature in Matakana
Stunning beach at Tawharanui Reserve

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