Givin’ it Welly!

Please excuse the terrible punny title but in case it’s lost on you, this post is about Wellington! 

Wellington is the capital city and as such is a vibrant place. A typical city with lots of areas for commerce and retail, it’s seafront setting breathes air into the city so you never really feel like you’re in a massive city. The hills around Wellington not only provide a dose of nature to get lost in but also fabulous views of the city; for every day I was there, I climbed a new hill and got a completely different perspective of the city.

By chance, my visit overlapped with a business trip that Barry was making to the city and this gave me the chance to meet the PledgeMe crew and really get a taste for his work. As I expected, they’re a cool, bright, and passionate bunch and i had a really great evening crashing one of their going away dos and listening to all their tales. 

The three days I was here I really indulged in the city life: museums, yoga, brunches & burgers, a trip to the famous Weta Studios (think Lord of the Rings props and these are your guys). Here are a few snapshots of what I saw in Wellington…


The cable car to the Botanical Gardens

Old meets new on the streets of Wellington
Streetart around Wellington
The incredible Gallipoli exhibit at Te Papa museum
A view from Prince of Wales park above Wellington
A monument atop Mt Victoria
Trail running up Mt Victoria
A madman diving spectacularly in the middle of the city

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