Exploring Picton

Picton seems to be a bit of a transient place. It’s where the ferry from the North Island drops you off so it seems a lot of travellers dismiss it as a layover city where there’s nothing more than a ferry terminal. I’m so glad Barry advised me otherwise and on his recommendation I stayed in Picton an extra night giving me the chance to explore the stunning Queen Charlotte Track. 

As my roommates woke early to get busses to ChCh, Nelson and other more talked about places, I was up early getting a water taxi out to the Sounds. I was the only one disembarking at Torea Bay and I looked forward to the solitude of my short hike to Mistletoe Bay, only 3hrs away over a few hills.

Along the way, to flesh out the hike I made a couple of detours to various lookouts for some phenomenal views of the Sounds. One of the more interesting detours took me to Lochmara Lodge, a privately owned resort complete with farm animals, hives, gallery, funky sculptures and to my delight, a café where I indulged in a coffee and a bun to keep me going.

Oh and then I felt an earthquake that night! A small but definite tremor which I looked up online and saw it had originated in Nelson some kilometres away… a very strange but cool experience!

Here’s a little slice of what I saw in Picton.


A stunning view of the Sounds
Another view from a lookout point
The walk to the beach at Lochmara Lodge
One of Lochmara’s residents
Sculptures at Lochmara
Rock carving at Lochmara
A sting ray!
More views…
And another…!

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