Kayaking The Abel Tasman 

I’ve always wanted to do a multi-day kayak or canoe trip so when I first saw pictures of the water around the Abel Tasman National Park I knew this was my chance. 

This trip was simply, incredible! Days spent paddling on crystal clear seas, wildlife all around us and camping under the starriest skies each night. Our guide Roy, was fantastic and enthusiastically shared his knowledge of native plants and bird life with us as well as little snippets of local history. After the 3 days my little arms were wrecked but the exhaustion was so worth it. 

I was so terrified about losing my phone in the ocean so I didn’t take too many shots on the open water, but here’s a selection of photos to give you a taste of what I saw…


Our mighty vessels
Sunset at our beach campsite
Our Kayak at our beach campsite
Beautiful shells
Look how blue this water is!!!
One of the amazing beaches along The Abel Tasman
Another beach stop…
My home for the night
Me trapped in a waterfall… about to lose my pants!!! All in the name of sliding down a natural waterfall…
Another beautiful beach
A view from the driver’s seat
Me looking very happy in my kayak with my fellow paddler Melissa

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