Queenstown Adventures

Everyone says Queenstown is the best. It’s where you go for big mountains, skydiving and bungee; things that make your adrenaline race. Maybe I’m getting old but the town centre just wasn’t my thing at all… steets lined with ticket agents, backpacker hostels and fast food joints and just wall-to-wall tourists. Yes, I’m aware that I am a tourist but so far every place I visited had been chilled so there was something kind of tacky about Queenstown. Don’t get me wrong, I’m only talking about the town centre… a few hundred metres down the road and, my god, the place is stunning… ‘Lord of the rings’, straight-out-of-a-movie stunning! 

As we drove in on the 1st day I had poor Barry’s head wrecked pulling over at every lookout point to take some photos. The lake, surrounded by ginormous mountains is simply breathtaking and not a single photo I took does it justice.

We crashed on Barry’s friend’s sofas and they were such a sound bunch. When we arrived they took us on a short roadtrip to a quaint town called Glenorchy where we jumped in the lake (well, I cautiously lowered myself into the lake!) and swam out to a pontoon where we lazed like a bunch of sea lions basking in the sun. The most bizarre moment of the day was when we peer pressured a pink haired pensioner to strip to her undies and jump off the pier to join us! What a ledge! And it wasn’t long till we had her friends doing it too! Such good craic…

The next day we hit the Routeburn (see previous post… come on! Keep up!) so when Barry flew back to Auckland the gang were sound enough to let me crash another night. I had a few hours to kill so I hiked up to the famous luge track and had a go speeding down in my little buggy; such fun! And then hit Fern burger to sample one their famous and, I can confirm, delicious burgers. 

Overall I had a great few days here in Queenstown, but for me, a few days a were enough and I was ready to hit the road for my next adventure in Wanaka. Here is a little bit of what I saw in Queenstown…


The luge track high above Queenstown
Barry and I doing our best pose at the lake
The much coveted Ferg Burger!
What a view!
A cracking sunset
Standard Queenstown lake view… so beautiful!

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