Christchurch Vibes

Quite a few people had suggested skipping Christchurch on my travels citing a few reasons: the city was slightly out of the way that I planned on going, it’s not the most exciting of NZ’s cities and that there’s not much going on while the rebuilding is ongoing. But then Barry managed to get some time off work and he suggested flying there with him from Auckland, assuring me that the city is having a moment. And I’m so, so glad he made that call!

The devastation caused by the earthquake is still visible today in the metal frames holding up crumbling walls, car parks where buildings used to be and the ceaseless cacophony of building work. But amongst all the dust and concrete, there is a really creative movement taking place. The people of Christchurch are certainly not letting the quake get the better of them and on every corner you will find something innovative or creative springing up out in of the rubble. The quake was devastating but now there is an opportunity for the city to renew itself, and there’s a sense that you’re witnessing the rebirth of a fantastic city. The street art, quirky pop up spaces and novel design about the place make it so unique. 

We grabbed some bikes and went exploring the streets… 

Not only is it a cool city but only a short drive away you’ll find fabulous coastal drives and secluded bays… here is what we saw…


Street art in Christchurch, NZ
Life size video game on the side of the Vodafone building
More street art – Christchurch, NZ
Funky spoons in Black Betty – Christchurch, NZ
Container shopping mall – Christchurch, NZ
Barry cycling by some deadly graffiti
Dance-O-Mat ‘gap filler’ project
Scaling rocks to find a beach – Lyttelton
Secluded bay in Lyttelton
Rose Garden – Botanical Gardens, Christchurch
Roses! – Botanical Gardens, Christchurch

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