Cruising across Coromandel

Ruth, the Ledge, gave me her car for the weekend so I could zip across the coromandel peninsula to check out some of it’s famed beaches.

Barry and Ruth joined me part of the way where we hiked through forests and posed in front of the immense Hunua waterfall. 

Later that evening I arrived in Coromandel in lashing rain and sadly, it lingered until the next morning. Not to be deterred, I stuck with my plan to visit New Chum’s beach and as I got closer thankfully, the rain eased and I spent the afternoon trekking on a rocky and slippery mud trail to the most serene beach I’ve ever visited.

In the sunshine, the world changes for the better and that evening it dawned on me just what a fabulous spot the little hostel is in: right on the seafront of a pretty spectacular beach. Without the rain lashing against the windows, I drifted off to the sound of monstrous waves crashing only metres away…

Up early this morning, I headed to a beach known as ‘Cathedral Cove’ with the sole intention of recreating a very famous portrait of Mam, Dad, Barry & Ruth that now hangs in the kitchen at home… I’m now part of the gang! The walk down to the cove is worth the sights that await… and the sound of the water rushing through the cathedral is simply deafening. I couldn’t capture the sound but I captured the sights as best I could…


The recreation at Cathedral Cove
Posing at Hunua Falls
Forest walk with the gang at Hunua Falls
Hunua Falls
Crossing a creek at Hunua
New Chums Beach
Early morning view on the way to Cathedral Cove
Tree growing on a rock! – Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove
View on the way back from Cathedral Cove
Artwork at the Hostel

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