Waiheke: Island Paradise

One thing I’ve discovered on my travels is that I love to walk. I’ve always been an active person but over the past few weeks I have walked, and strolled, and wandered, and got lost a few times… and even when I’ve been walking for the guts of 4 hours, I haven’t even noticed the time going by. I’m telling you this because yesterday when I arrived at my hostel in Waiheke, the dude doing the check in pointed out a nice hike on the map so off I went.I fuelled up on an epic burger (steak, bacon, egg… man, I’m so glad I’m not vegetarian anymore) and off I went! I hit a few dead ends where trails had been closed due to storm damage but all in all I’d say I covered around 20km over 5 hours of wandering. But if there’s a place I could wander for days, it’s Waiheke Island…

Waiheke is a short ferry ride from Auckland but similarly, the craggy coastline is full of lumps and bumps thanks to its volcanic beginnings. The crisp blue waters around the island are so inviting I just wanted to dive in at every chance! Lots of bird life and native forests keep the coastline interesting and at every turn there’s another secluded bay with turquoise water as far as the eye can see.

After walking my legs off yesterday, today was the complete opposite… a gourmet food and wine tour which was such a treat. Visits to three vineyards and an olive oil producer kept me fed and watered throughout the day. I think the photos best tell the story of all the gourmet food I enjoyed! 

Here’s a little slice of what I saw on Waiheke…


Graffiti at Fossil Bay vineyard
One of Waiheke’s many bays
Fossil Bay vineyard
Another secluded Bay…
Shortcut to the hostel
The blue, blue ocean
A vineyard at sunset
Wine barrels at Kennedy’s Point Vineyard
The freshest oysters I’ve ever tasted
Local blue cheese & manuka honey
Local olive oil tasting
Food platter for one… don’t mind if I do!

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