City of sails

Finally! I’ve set foot on NZ soil, something I’ve been dreaming of for quite a long time! Barry collected me at the airport (‘Grehan’ jersey and all!) and immediately set to turbo tour guide mode! En route to the gaff, he made a detour to One Tree Hill showing me the birds eye 360 view of all of Auckland. Really cool to see the lumps and bumps of a volcanic city from up here.

Barry and Ruth have really taken me under their wing, not only giving me the presedential suite (aka the rumpus room) but have cooked dinners, left me breakfast and are even giving me a lend of their jammers to zip off for the weekend. 

Bar took a half day to bring me surfing and my god, did I feel lucky to be taken to such a breathtaking place. We pre-fuelled with doughnuts bigger than my head and then hit the surf. A fab day altogether!

Running along St. Heliers Bay, evenings of song & story telling, lots of laughs, great food, hanging out with the bro & Ruth… what a start to my Kiwi adventure!


Surf’s up!
Bar the chauffeur
View from St. Heliers Bay
Path down to Ladies Bay… beware of elderly nudists.
A view from One Tree Hill
Ganet Colony
Breakfast complete with homemade map!
Ladies Bay
A view of the city from Achilles Point
Entrance to Bar’s gaff… nice or wha?

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