Tokyo Part II

Woah. Those two weeks really flew by. And now as I sit at the gate for the first leg of my journey to NZ I’m looking back on some of the places I saw during the last few days in Tokyo. 

It’s been a jam packed two weeks! I’ve been very privileged to have experienced so much and even more so to have had the inside scoop on all the best local spots thanks to Daragh. Thank you! I’ll get practicing our version of ‘Roxanne’ for karaoke next time!

See you soon Barry & Ruth!


Making the most of traffic free Ginza!
Acting the eejit in Nikko
Feeding koi carp at the Canal Café
Checking out crazy electric town in Akihabara
Checking out some of the Shrine detail through binoculars in Nikko
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
Lanterns hanging at Kanda Myojin Temple
Old meets new at Kana Myojin Temple
View from the Capsule Hotel

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