Japanese Food Roundup!

At this stage I’ve eaten so much I’m beginning to lose track of what I ate where so here’s a roundup of some of the things I’ve enjoyed during my last week in Japan. 

Bon appetit!


Fish cakes in sticks – Miyajima
My first taste of real Japanese Sushi! – Hiroshima
Okonomiyaki cooked in front of me – Hiroshima
Hiroshima beef steamed bun – Miyajima
Momiji Manjyu with green tea filing – Miyajima
Momiji Manjyu production line right there in the shop… not a scrap of Festo in sight!
Most delicious tempura & miso soup – Nara
Japanese matcha green tea & sweet treat – Nara
Steak & chips, Japanese style!
Kyoto style breaded beef with leeks served on rice
Sushi from Tsukiji Market… best… ever.
Mountain of chips… we ordered a second one cos we are beasts.
Onigiri- the kelp ones are deadly! Perfect brekkie!
Thank God I don’t live in Nikko cos I would be obese eating these… Age Yuba Manju… soooo delicious!
Green tea KitKat
Yakisoba: fried noodles

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