Nikko is Nippon

Nikko is a day trip away from Tokyo and initially, looking at all I was cramming into two weeks I didn’t think I’d get the chance to visit. But, my God, am I glad I managed it! 

The city (Town? Village?!) is a world heritage site because of it’s beautiful shrines and temples. I imagine the place looks completely different in each season, but it is seriously beautiful in autumn with the leaves changing all around.

Along with Daragh, my trusty guide, we hiked a little bit up a mountain, away from the crowds which was so tranquil… until Daragh reminded me that there are in fact bears in Japan so we spent the rest of the climb discussing anti-bear strategies! Well I’m posting this so the surprise has been ruined; we didn’t see any bears. But we had a grand old sing-song on the way down which probably kept them away. 

Anyway… enough rambling! Another fantastic day; here is what I saw…


The famous Shinkyo Bridge – Nikko, Japan
Light breaking through autumn leaves – Nikko, Japan

A Shrine through the autumn leaves – Nikko, Japan

The entrance to Nirvana…
Daragh crawling through a 300 year old tree
The originals!
My fortune for only ¥100!
Perfect autumn leaf!
Daragh fearlessly heading to bear territory
Intricate detail on one of Nikko’s famous Shrines
A vibrant Japanese Maple tree

A monument near the summit

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