Tokyo Tastes

Food, glorious fooooood!

As I came through arrivals in Tokyo Airport I was accosted by a camera crew wanting to know what I was most looking forward to doing in Japan. Without hesitation, I blurted out,’trying all the food!’. The interview then turned into a test of my knowledge of Japanese cuisine which, after travelling for 12hours, you can imagine I didn’t score very well! 

My first go at eating alone in a Japanese restaurant was a success! I decided to go for a hearty bowl of Ramen and soon found a lovely little spot in Shinjuku near where I was staying. The cool thing about a lot of the Ramen places here is that you place your order at a vending machine which prints out your ticket. You then get ushered to a seat and in no time at all, a big steaming bowl of ramen appears! In this first place you get seated at individual booths so I had the added bonus of nobody seeing my confusion as the hard boiled egg got placed in front of me… I just peeked and ate it whole haha! But I later learned you peel it and put it in the bowl with the Ramen. Oh well… at least nobody saw me do it! 

The famous Tsukiji Market was FAB! Foodie heaven with so much delicious fresh seafood on offer. Some of the stalls had out little samples so I got to taste a lot of different things here: squid, soy beans, scallops oysters & sea urchins. I hope to make another stop here for sashimi before I head to NZ.

One evening I joined a food tour which was a fantastic way to sample a wide variety of different dishes… the ‘weird’ highlight has to be the raw chicken dish; a specialty of the final restaurant we visited. I had to laugh though, the 1st place the tour brought us, Daragh had taken me there the previous evening for a beer… 1000s of restaurants in the city and I ended up back there! What are the chances?! 

I’m getting the real insiders food tour with Daragh, sampling different foods each night in some of his favourite spots; soup curry to warm the belly & a place where you fry up your own okonomiyaki (a kind of vegetabley, pancakey thing… you’ll find a pic below) on the table in front of you.

Right now we’re on the bullet train to Kyoto so hopefully some more delicious goodies await.

Here are some of the things that are now in my belly…!


Fried Oyster – Tsukiji Market, Tokyo
Traditional Japanese Sweet – Hama-rikyu Gardens, Tokyo
Japanese Green Tea
Okonomiyaki – Sakura, Tokyo
Dried Squid – Tsukiji Market, Tokyo
Pork Niku-man – Tokyo Station
Dried Soya Beans
Traditional rice cake
Raw chicken! Slightly seared, served with soy and wasabi.
Taiyaki with red bean filling, a traditional sweet for good luck!
Dumpling soup
My private Ramen Booth – Ichiran, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Grilled Scallops with Sea Urchin – Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

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